(B)STRONG Belts are one of the key features of the (B)STRONG Training System.  Guided by medical and training experts, our engineers have created the optimal system to comfortably and safely perform BFR training.  We use industrial grade materials, and belts are built to hold up in rough environments.  We have performed extensive cycle and inflation testing along with quality control procedures to do our best to ensure all belts going out the door meet our lifetime expectations.

The belts options cover all size ranges from 18-95 cm (7-37.5 in) — see sizing chart — and can be purchased individually.

IMPORTANT! – (B)STRONG Belts must ONLY be used with (B)STRONG inflation systems and guidance app.  Using (B)STRONG Belts outside of our guidelines or with other equipment can lead to damage of the equipment or potential of serious injury to the user.  We proved all the guidance and accessories necessary, please don’t deviate and use the belts in ways other that we describe.


How to Measure Sizes

(B)STRONG BeltsTM are sold in pairs (2pcs).

The (B)STRONG Belt is the essential component to the (B)STRONG Training SystemTM.  The belts are designed to:

  • Optimize comfort
  • Optimize safety
  • Easy transport
  • Un-obstrusive / allow easy movement
  • Fast to inflate/deflate

DO NOT use the (B)STRONG Belts without getting one of our packages that comes with a guidance app.  Use of these belts without using the guidance app is strictly prohibited and will void your warranty.  (B)STRONG Belts are made of industrial grade materials so they will last many cycles and hold up to abuse.  They can be worn in water and pools, but should be hand washed and air-dried, and kept out of UV exposure at all times when not in use.

  • Sizing.cmSizing.in
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions8 x 3 x 3 in



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