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From amputees to young novice athletes, weekend warriors to elite professional athletes, retired seniors to middle aged industrial laborers, B STRONG technology greatly enhances and expedites recovery and general fitness to have a long term positive impact on our patient’s health.
— Arthur Ting M.D., Orthopedic surgeon

The B STRONG belts provide all of the benefits of high end pressure cuffs at a fraction of the price. I own six other types of non-inflatable BFR bands and none of them have given me the results that I am seeing with the B STRONG. The B STRONG belts are the most effective system I have ever used.
— Jon Bruney, Guinness Book of World Records Holder

B STRONG provides personal and business BFR solutions.  If you are an individual user please choose the Personal Package that is right for you.  If you are a business, please choose one of the Professional Packages.  B STRONG’s guidance Web-App comes with your purchase and gives you all you need to know, such as calculating personalized belt pressure, to start your path to recovery and performance!

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Individual users should choose from our Personal Packages. Business owners or professional PT, ATC, Coaches, or Fitness trainers should choose one of our Professional Packages.

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